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Aerodyn Capability Spotlight – Advanced Precision Manufacturing

Aerodyn pride ourselves on being customer focused. We recognized that by increasing our Manufacturing capability, we would be better able to fully support our customers with all their manufacturing needs. Investment in new machinery such as DMG Mori DMU 125P, DMG Mori NMV 5 Axis Machines, Mitsui Seiki Vertex Blade Machines, and a Mitsui Seiki Blue Arc Machine has ensured we continue to utilize the best machine tool technology, and we look for opportunities to continually improve our processes and invest in new technology. We have also invested in highly skilled experts, including manufacturing engineers, programmers, machinists and inspectors, to ensure we deliver the best quality products and service for our customers. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by being a Single Source Provider for all our customers’ manufacturing needs, whether it be for development or production programs. Our Manufacturing capability and experience enables us to execute projects with the utmost precision, and to deliver on time and to budget.

CNC Manufacturing Centers

• Multi-axis Manufacturing Centers – to 50” Diameter
• Multi-axis Mill-Turn Centers – to 10” Diameter
• Vertical Turning – to 80” Diameter
• Horizontal Turning – to 16” Diameter
• EDM – CNC Wire / Sinker / Fast-Hole


Parts we commonly manufacture:

Compressor Casings | Turbine Casings | Combustor Casings | Bearing Casings | Fan Frames | Turbine Exhaust Frames | Front / Mid / Rear Turbine Frames | Rotating Seals / Seal Supports | Stationary Seals / Seal Supports | Diffuser Casings | Compressor Stators / Vanes | Turbine Disks (non-broached) | Fan Disks | Compressor Disks | Machined Airfoils | Impellers | Blisks (Titanium & Nickel) | Oil Sumps | Gearbox Housings | Gearbox Pump Housings | Shafts


Quality has always been a key focus at Aerodyn. With CMM inspection, utilizing Zeiss equipment, we conduct 100% inspection of parts up to 80″ in diameter. Blue Light Digital GOM Scanning allows us to offer pristine dimensional data recording that enhances our end customer data. With our machining and inspection capabilities, we are able to produce and verify many critical and complex parts, helping advance the development standards of the industry. Aerodyn are accredited to ISO9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev D.

If you have a requirement you believe we can assist you with, please contact us, we will be happy to discuss further.