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Aerodyn Capability Spotlight – Slip Rings

High Speed Slip Rings

For over 18 years, Aerodyn have been the foremost supplier of high speed, instrumentation grade slip rings for the rotating turbo machinery market.

These liquid cooled slip ring systems, running at speeds of up to 100,000 rpm and offering unparalleled electrical noise levels, are in use across the globe.  They transfer accurate, crucial test data such as strain gauge and temperature transducer signals, enabling the latest developments in aero-engine and power generation gas turbines to flourish.

The devices are simple to set up, low maintenance and can offer a solution at a fraction of the price of similarly specified telemetry equipment.

Aerodyn have recently witnessed significant growth in the use of our high speed slip ring systems in Europe and for commercial aerospace and power generation applications throughout Asia.

General Purpose Industrial Slip Rings

This growth has enabled Aerodyn to invest in a new range of General Purpose Slip Rings, launched on its website earlier this year.

Employing the same type of highly reliable, gold-on-gold contacting technology, the ALCAP01 and ALCAP02 series of slip ring modules offer high performance capability to address a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, operating at speeds up to hundreds of rpm.

Flexibility is the key with these standard capsules. Circuit counts from 6 to 48 with current carrying capacities of 5, 10 or 15A per ring, means these compact packages can fit almost any operational use, in rotating systems where space is a premium and performance is paramount.

Whether it’s transferring electrical power, analogue signals or digital data, ALCAP01 and ALCAP02 can excel in applications such as industrial automation, food & drink and pharmaceuticals processing, robotics and industrial tooling.  Features such as a free-inner bore, IP67 sealing option and flange or shaft mounting variants, ensure each unit will provide many years of maintenance-free, valuable operation.

Military & Defense Slip Rings

Aerodyn understand the importance of supporting high-value assets in mission-critical roles that insist upon long, reliable operational service life.

Military and Defense slip ring applications such as those in Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) demand high performance and are typically optimized for space and weight.

As part of our strategic growth initiatives, the organization has now ventured into this space, winning several significant orders to supply some of the key contractors and defense agencies around the world with custom-designed slip ring system solutions.

With the addition of Fiber Optic, Radio Frequency and Fluid Media Joints, resulting in truly hybrid slip ring assemblies – Radar, Remote Weapon Stations, Electro-Optic Systems and Satellite Communications are just a few of the applications where Aerodyn slip ring design solutions and low-overhead manufacturing capability, are providing competitively priced solutions to satisfy this demanding market segment.

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