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Aerodyn Supports Flight Test Program in Brazil

Instrumentation Technicians from both Aerodyn Engineering Inc. in the USA and Aerodyn Ltd in the UK have been collaborating to provide Flight Test Instrumentation support for a customer in Brazil, since 18th April 2016.


Dave Lough, Aerodyn Ltd, UK
Dave Lough, Aerodyn Ltd, UK
Nathan Huntzinger
Nathan Huntzinger, Aerodyn Engineering Inc., USA

The customer was overwhelmingly pleased with the efforts of Team 1 (Nathan Huntzinger from the USA and Dave Lough from the UK, pictured below) having successfully performed their duties, while in a completely new and foreign environment, with only remote assistance from the customer technical lead.


As further testament to the team’s capabilities, the requisite training at the customer’s facility was reduced from 3 days to 2 based upon the knowledge and skills demonstrated.


Nathan Cooke, Aerodyn Ltd, UK
Nathan Cooke, Aerodyn Ltd, UK
Eric Shrontz, Aerodyn Engineering Inc., USA
Eric Schrontz, Aerodyn Engineering Inc., USA

Team 2 (Eric Shrontz from the USA and Nathan Cooke from the UK, pictured left) have just arrived in Brazil to relieve Team 1 and continue the support work.

This flight test program is contracted to the end of 2016 and is expected to continue well into next year, with Team 1 and Team 2 alternating every 4 weeks to be replaced by a Team 3 and Team 4 in August until the program ends.  This involves a lot of work away from home so Aerodyn is extremely proud and grateful for the dedication and flexibility of the technicians involved.