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Aerodyn awarded Platinum Level Certification for UCTS Installations

Aerodyn Technicians in the UK are proud to have been awarded Platinum Level Certification for the installation of Uniform Crystal Temperature Sensors (UCTS) manufactured and supplied by LG Tech-Link Global. The highest level certification has been awarded by LG Tech-Link Global based on the high quality workmanship demonstrated by Aerodyn Technicians over a number of customer UCTS installations, the quality of sample installations produced as part of the certification process, and the availability of the high quality optics on-site at Aerodyn.

UCTS technology is ideal for engine development program applications where accuracy and survivability in harsh environments is critical. This innovative temperature measurement technique is designed to improve the quality and cost of data available for Heat Transfer and Durability Engineers, at all stages of product development.

The Silicon Carbide (SiC) sensors offer a robust, temperature resistant material that can operate in temperatures from 150°C – 1430°C with an accuracy of +/- 3.3°C. The sensor dimensions are 0.20 x 0.20 x 0.38mm, so high-quality optics are required to install and remove the sensors.

Aerodyn and LG Tech-Link Global have worked in partnership for several years, completing many projects of varying complexity – from just a handful of sensors installed in standard type installation cavities in components, to large numbers of sensors installed in staircase type installation cavities in components. LG Tech-Link Global are responsible for the sensor manufacture and calibration, and can support customers through the full test cycle, providing data reduction and analysis services.  They also take part in results interpretation discussions, as needed.

The quality of the sensor installation directly affects the robustness, survival rate, and accuracy that can be achieved, so having a Platinum certified installer is not only important to our customers but, also to LG Tech-link Global.

The below example shows an installation of UCTS in a duct. The pockets machined in to the duct are in the style of a staircase, and in this application are used to measure the Heat Flux during engine operation. A single UCTS is installed in each of the three positions – the lower, middle, and upper steps.  The sequence of the images below shows the process of installing the lower UCTS first, securing with thermocement, and then repeating for the middle and upper steps, before filling the complete pocket with thermocement.

Aerodyn are also able to offer machining and reworking of customer components to create the sensor installation cavities.

Aerodyn offer this Platinum certified installation and removal service from our UK base, but Aerodyn Technicians have travelled worldwide to carry out UCTS installations at customer sites.

If you have a temperature measurement requirement you believe we can assist you with, please contact us.