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Internship Testimonial by Sebastian Frenz

The purpose of my internship was to apply the knowledge and skills that I had acquired during my time studying at TU Darmstadt in Germany and École Centrale de Lyon in France.  Interning for Aerodyn Ltd in Derby was a great opportunity for me to develop and expand on my skill set as a Project Engineer, while working in a field I was drawn to since the beginning of my studies.  Specialising in Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics, I considered Aerodyn to be one of the sector’s most dynamic and eclectic employers.  This impression was confirmed and reinforced over the course of my internship.
I was instantly impressed by the friendly atmosphere and the warm welcome I received.  Aerodyn truly values its interns.  The work I was given was engaging and meaningful – I felt like an equal team member and found that my contributions were appreciated.

During my time at Aerodyn, I worked on a High Pressure Compressor Test Rig and
was able to experience and participate in the development of instrumentation from start to finish. I performed various tasks, ranging from the creation of design concepts, associated 3D solid models, manufacturing drawings for instrumentation probes and tooling, purchase orders, bills of materials and other internal and external administration and communication documents.  I also participated in Pull Test trials as part of the validation of the Laser Welding manufacturing process, a new capability for Aerodyn, as well as Flame Spray Strain Gauging, EDM machining and much more.

Working closely together with the project manager Matthew Hughes, I also liaised with customers and manufacturers, generated resource plans and cooperated closely with the designers and instrumentation lab technicians.  The wide range of tasks and interactions allowed me to gain insight into many different aspects of the work of a project engineer and thus my days were full of variety.

I found it inspiring and fulfilling working with Aerodyn’s highly experienced experts, both in the design office and in the instrumentation lab, who were always very approachable and helpful and who taught me a lot of practical skills. I was perhaps most impressed by the company ethos, which involves the training and education of young talent and the transfer of knowledge from some of the field’s leading experts.

The support I received from everyone, especially from Linda Brailsford, Human Resource Manager, was fantastic.  Especially coming from Germany, I couldn’t have hoped for better assistance with accommodation, travel, settling in and finding my way around Derby. I particularly enjoyed participating in after-work activities with colleagues and appreciated the close personal contact with my supervisors and co-workers.

I very much enjoyed my internship, it was a very positive and enriching experience. The time I spent at Aerodyn was tremendously valuable and I will always be grateful for the opportunity!