Instrumentation Accessories


Aeroshims are preformed segments of metal foil used to secure a hard or soft cylindrical sensor cable or tube by tack welding to a component surface. Standard Aeroshim covers a wide range of common cable / tube diameters and a number of cables / tubes placed side by side. The temperature environment and substrate material to be welded to dictates the material of the shim needed, but standard Aeroshim, made of Inconel 600 alloy, is very versatile.

Customers are amazed at how much time and money can be saved by taking advantage of this simple and widely used product. For requirements not met by standard Aeroshim, Aerodyn is capable of fabricating custom designs using different materials.

Aeroshim is supplied in pre-formed or in ribbon spools.

Aeroshim Forming Tools

Aerodyn also produce Aeroshim forming pliers, for applications where lead sizes may vary. Custom pliers can be manufactured to customer’s specifications.

Please download our Intrumentation Products brochure for our standard sizes and details of our other instrumentation accessories.